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The AGM-126 (AGM-122 in real life) is a short range anti-radiation missile used for SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defences) roles. The missiles are essentially retrofitted AIM-9 missiles that have been taken out of service and then fitted with technology to track radiation signals from radar sources. The missile is no longer in service but did see some service from 1986 to 1990.


The AGM-126 is an anti-radiation missile, so when fired "Magnum" is announced by the pilot.

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A rack of 3 AGM-126's.

Short Range anti-radiation missile with a direct attack geometry.

Range: ~ 5.8 Nautical miles

Use Edit

The AGM-126 is a lightweight, cheaper alternative to the AGM-88. The player can mount more of them than the AGM-88s, and they are useful when budgets and weight are an issue. The downfall to the AGM-126 is the fact that the range of it is VERY short, requiring the player to get quite close to a radar system (which is likely an anti-air system) to fire. The philosophy of use for this weapon is primarily pop-up style attacks, where the player uses terrain masking to get close to the radar source before launching the missile and diving back down. Additionally, the AGM-126 is also useful in engaging short range radar threats like the SAAW. The missile is activated by switching a MFCD to the ARAD function and using the SOI button to select it to be controlled by the flight stick's thumb control. A single click of the thumb control locks the radar source, and if in range, the orange launch authorization lights will light up, and the missile can be fired with a trigger squeeze. Alternatively, the AGM-65D can be used in an almost identical role with the only difference being the player using the TGP to locate and lock a target radar. This is made easier by using the ARAD's HUD display option showing players the precise location of the radar source.

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