"Small anti-tank missiles with advanced optics, 'fire and forget', and smart self-targeting technology. Can be fired without line of sight to the designated target point, and will acquire hostile targets automatically." -- In-Game Description[]

x2 missile set (side internal bays):

  • Weight: 265 kg
  • Cost: $2000

x3 missile set (external wing pylons):

  • Weight: 373 kg
  • Cost: $2700

x4 missile set (ventral internal bays)

  • Weight: 430 kg
  • Cost: $3600

The AGM-145 Ballista is an upgraded version of the AGM-65. It is exclusively available to the F-45A and uses an onboard optical guidance system instead of laser designation, and thus is fire-and-forget. It also has Lock On After Launch (LOAL) functionality, which allows it to be fired without line of sight to a target. This combination of features allows the F-45A to designate targets from afar and fire at them from behind cover, adding to its extensive repertoire of stealth combat capabilities.

F-45A Lock On After Launch mode. The center circle is used to aim the missile prior to launch.