Information Edit

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AGM-188, with wings folded.


AGM-188 MARM in flight, wings deployed

"Long range Anti-Radiation Missile with a unique top down attack angle." - Game


Weight: 375kg

This missile currently can only be carried by the AV-42C Kestrel


The missile enters it's terminal phase, top-down attack.

Use Edit

  1. Like the AGM-88, the AGM-188 is used by switching an MFCD to the ARAD mode. From here it is recommended the pilot use the HUD option with their visor on the ARAD display to enable visualization of the enemy radar sources.
  2. Once on the ARAD screen, the pilot uses the SOI button to select the ARAD screen for thumb stick control. The pilot moves the thumb stick, slewing the targeting reticle to the desired radar source and clicks once to lock it.
  3. From there the pilot simply gets within firing range of the locked target and the orange launch authorization lights will illuminate.
  4. From there the pilot fires and is free to break for evasive maneuvers if desired. The missile will fly nearly straight to the area directly above the target until it gets close enough to enter it's terminal phase.
  5. Once the missile enters terminal phase (directly above the target) the missile activates it's boosters and accelerates in a spinning motion straight down on top of the target.
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