The AGM-65 is a strategic Air-to-Ground Missile available to the AV-42C and F/A-26B. Unlike the AV-42C's AGM-114, the AGM-65 is a fire-and-forget weapon, meaning attacking aircraft can easily fire at other targets in quick succession or even break off and duck into cover to avoid hostile air defenses. It is also very useful in SEAD tactics and anti-shipping (naval) combat; its range and optical-tracking capabilities make it a great asset for things like destroying ship radars from afar and hitting them up close with simpler weapons like Hydra 70s afterwards to sink them. Be wary of any CIWS turrets near your target, though, as the missile is still vulnerable to being shot down.

The AGM-65 works based on a built-in optical-tracking guidance system, meaning that it's not only fire-and-forget-capable, but it can also automatically adjust to hit moving targets as well, even when TGP lock is lost. The missile will make automatic flight corrections towards both stationary and moving targets. In comparison, GBUs can steer towards a GPS point, but do not have sensors to identify and track a target.


  1. Select a target by turning on the TGP and setting it to SOI.
  2. While holding the flight stick, use the thumb stick to slew the reticle over the desired target. The reticle will snap to a unit.
  3. Trigger Uncage Mode (Double Action): Hold the trigger down with the aircraft pointed towards the target to uncage the sensor. A circle in the HUD will slew onto the target and the weapon engagement zone bar will appear. If you are within range, the range launch authorization lights will come on. While continuing to squeezing the trigger, press the change weapon button and the missile will launch. The AGM-65 is an Air-to-Ground Missile and thus "Rifle" is announced on the radio when the missile is fired.
  4. Single Action: The previously described trigger hold behavior is now always on. Instead,the trigger is now used to fire the weapon.
  5. After launch you are free to break away if needed or fire on other targets.