The AGM-88 HARM (High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile) is a medium range anti-radiation missile ideal for targeting hostile SAM radars. This missile is exclusively available to the F/A-26B. It uses a fighter's ARAD systems to target radar sources from afar for long-range engagement. Though they can hit targets from far away, their speed tends to decrease with range, leaving them somewhat vulnerable to interception by SAM Launchers or CIWS turrets.

The AGM-88 is an anti-radiation missile, so when fired, "Magnum" is announced by the pilot. The missile has a simple direct attack geometry as opposed to the top-down attack of its cousin, the AGM-188 MARM.


The AGM-88 is used by switching an MFCD to the ARAD screen. The HUD mode is recommended to project radiation sources onto your Head-Mounted Cueing System. Once on the ARAD screen, use the SOI button to select the ARAD screen for thumb-stick control. You can then use the thumbstick to slew the targeting reticle to the desired radar source and click once to lock it. From there, simply enter the firing arc and range of the locked target. The orange launch authorization lights will illuminate once you are within range and arc. After firing, you should be free to break for evasive maneuvers if desired.

The philosophy of use for this missile is typically as a stand-off weapon to target enemy long-range SAM radars outside or just within their targeting envelope. The fire-and-forget capability of the missile allows pilots to fire at multiple targets before ducking back into cover in case any SAM radars have targeted them. The AGM-88 is nearly essential when facing enemy destroyers and other long-range naval SAM systems, allowing the player to destroy the radar first and then sink the ship with other munitions. It should also be noted that with the longer range of the AGM-88, its flight time can be somewhat longer in comparison to other missiles. Pilots need to be vigilant to stay outside of the target's radar envelope as much as possible to avoid an engagement until the AGM-88 has time to impact the radar. Using the S-CAM on MSSL mode or the TGP is helpful for this.