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The AGM-88 HARM (High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile) is a medium range anti-radiation missile ideal for SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) missions. It's range and fire and forget capability allows for quick engagement of enemy radar sources at considerable range while enabling pilots to remain at a relatively safe distance outside of most radar envelopes. Produced in 1983 to replace the AGM 45 and 78 ARM's, and the missile entered service in 1985. It is still widely used today. The HARM was used extensively by the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Air Force in Operation Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War of 1991.

The AGM-88 is anti-radiation missile, so when fired "Magnum" is announced by the pilot.

Mass: 395kg

Cost: $5000


Range: 16 Nautical Miles in-game, (80 in real life).

The missile has a simple direct attack geometry as opposed to the top down attack of the AGM-188 MARM.

Use in-game Edit

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The chief benefit to carrying the AGM-88 is that it has a far longer range than the AGM-126 SideARM II this comes however at a much higher cost and weight. Like the AGM-126, the AGM-88 is used by switching an MFCD to the ARAD mode. From here it is recommended the pilot use the HUD option with their visor on the ARAD display to enable visualization of the enemy radar sources. Once on the ARAD screen, the pilot uses the SOI button to select the ARAD screen for thumb stick control. The pilot moves the thumb stick, slewing the targeting reticle to the desired radar source and clicks once to lock it. From there the pilot simply gets within firing range of the locked target and the orange launch authorization lights will illuminate. From there the pilot fires and is free to break for evasive maneuvers if desired. The missile will angle upwards to achieve a slightly angled attack, but it is not a top-down attack.

The philosophy of use for this missile is typically as a stand-off weapon to target enemy long range radar sources outside or just within their targeting envelope. The fire-and-forget capability of the missile, allows the pilot to fire on multiple targets, before ducking back out of the envelope and using terrain as cover in case any missiles are launched by the SAM's. The AGM-88 is nearly essential when facing enemy destroyers and other long range naval SAM systems, allowing the player to destroy the radar first and then sink the ship with other munitions. It should be noted that with the longer range of the AGM-88, it's flight time can be considerable when compared to other missiles. Pilots need to be vigilant to stay outside of the target radar envelope as much as possible to avoid an engagement until the AGM-88 has time to impact the radar. Using the S-CAM on MSSL mode or the TGP feature is helpful for this.

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