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The AH-94 is a dedicated Attack Helicopter designed chiefly for Air-to-Ground combat. It was released on January 6th, 2022, as VTOL VR's first DLC. The AH-94 is known for its high maneuverability and responsiveness, allowing it to fill many close-range air support roles in the battlefield.


The AH-94 serves best a close air support (CAS) asset. Its high maneuverability makes it good for sneaking up on ground targets, such as SAM Launchers and Tanks. The AH-94 is not built for air to air combat, but has its own IR missiles for defending against hostile aircraft at close range. The feature that makes this aircraft stand out from the rest is its ground radar. This device is located at the top of the aircraft and can be equipped in the Hardpoints screen. The location of the ground radar allows the player/players to hover with the radar above an obstacle like a building or mountain and figure out where enemy positions are. When you lock on to something with the ground radar, the radar will display an image of what it senses. Using this feature, the helicopter pilot and gunner can classify the object based on its radar cross-section.

Start-Up Procedure[]

  1. Enable the main battery
  2. Engage the APU
  3. Enable all MFDs and the HUD
  4. Activate interior lights if desired
  5. Close the cockpit door
  6. Ensure that Rotor Fold is not active
  7. Disengage Rotor Brake
  8. Activate the left engine Starter
  9. Increase rotor Power to Idle using the lever on the left
  10. Wait for the light next to the starter switch to turn off; use this time to set up your MFDs.
  11. Engage the Right engine starter, wait for light to turn off
  12. Increase engine Power to max, wait for Rotor RPS to enter green zone on engine stat display
  13. Disengage the APU
  14. Slowly raise the Collective lever to ascend
  15. Raise landing gears
  16. Adjust Trim as needed using the flight Collective and Cyclic


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The AH-94 has a tandem cockpit design, with a pilot in the rear seat, and a copilot/gunner in the front seat. Both seats allow for the complete operation of the flight controls and weapons systems, though the gunner seat has a TEDAC (TADS Electronic Display And Control) system, allowing for easier interaction with the TADS (Target Acquisition and Designation Sight) or other manually-operated targeting systems. Only one crewmember can have control of the flight controls at a time, with a designation light displaying who is in control. In single player, it is possible to switch seats to fly from either position. The copilot in singleplayer is present only for decoration and has no actual in-game functionality.