The AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile) is a radar-guided Air-to-Air missile available to the F/A-26B. Its potential range and speed in the air make it an excellent weapon for deployment against distant enemy aircraft. When fired, it relies on the firing aircraft's built-in radar to calculate a lead-pursuit course to its target, allowing it to account for even extremely fast-moving aircraft and adapt more easily to flight maneuvers. Once it gets close enough to its target, approx. 10 seconds before impact, the missile switches to a built-in radar projector to home in on its target and functions independently of the deploying aircraft's own sensors; this allows it to break off and make evasive maneuvers or even duck into cover to disengage if needed.

Pilots also have the option of enabling MADDOG firing for the AIM-120 in the EQUIP menu. MADDOG firing allows for missiles to be fired without a target lock, whereby they will lock onto the first radar contact they find via their built-in radar projectors. MADDOG-fired missiles are able to unknowingly lock onto friendly units while searching for targets, so it is important not to fire MADDOG AIM-120s straight into mixed groups of allies and hostiles.


The F-45A uses a slightly more advanced AIM-120 called the AIM-120D which has a slightly longer boost phase burn, longer Pitbull range, better counter-countermeasure, and slightly better maneuverability when compared to the standard AIM-120 used by the F/A-26B. Additionally, the AIM-120D can be guided to targets based solely on positional data from the F-45A's TSD alone, allowing it to navigate towards a target without a direct radar lock from the deploying aircraft.

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