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Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM), aka the AIM-120 is an active radar missile, so when fired "Fox 3" is announced by the pilot.

"Radar guided medium range air-to-air missile" - Game

1x Missile

Weight: 187kg

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Cost: $1,500

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This weapon can only be used by the F/A-26B and the F-45A.

Instructions: Edit

  1. Make sure radar is active and displayed on an MCFD.
  2. Select it as the SOI
  3. Use the thumb stick to slew the reticle over enemy craft. Click once to actively track, double click to lock. You can actively track multiple targets but only lock one at a time.
  4. Once a lock has been obtained the missile can be fired. (Ideally while orange launch authorization lights appear).
  5. You can unlock your radar at this time, but keep the target within your radar scan cone until the missile "goes pitbull" (see below). Once it does you are free to break away, and hopefully the missile hits your target.

A target needs to be locked with the aircraft's radar to authorize a launch. The user is then free to unlock the target and enter track while scan to choose another target. As long as the target is within view, the aircraft's radar will continue to guide the missile to target. Around 10 seconds before impact, the missile will switch to using it's own radar, or go pitbull.

A labeled estimate of seconds to impact will appear on the left side of the HUD. T means the missile is relying on the aircraft's radar to update guidance to target. M means the missile has gone "pitbull" and is relying on its own radar guidance. This symbology will disappear from the HUD when the missile explodes, or if target is lost from radar. This means the user needs to keep the target within the radar's cone during track while scan.

In Real Life Edit

The AMRAAM is one of the primary modern missiles used in BVR (Beyond Visual Range) combat by US/NATO forces. Developed and deployed by the 90's to replace the aging AIM-54 Phoenix missile, with a missile that could be fitted to fighters smaller than the F-14. The AIM-54 was officially retired in 2004, and the AIM-120 has been the workhorse of the modern air combat arena. The AIM-120 employs both active, and semi-active radar modes of tracking targets. Additionally the AIM-120 features a "home-on-jam" feature when it detects it is being jammed, allowing the missile to follow the jamming signal instead of radar reflection. Unfortunately this is not simulated in game at this time.

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