Two ASF-33s flying in formation with drop tanks attached to their wings.

"A stealthy air-superiority fighter. Internal weapon bays and a single thrust-vectored afterburning engine" - Mission Editor Description[]

The ASF-33 is one of the less common fighters in the enemy fleet, designed with stealth and air superiority in mind. It has an internal weapons bay for improved stealth and aerodynamics, allowing it not only a higher default Thrust to Weight Ratio than the ASF-30, but also a slight resistance to hostile radar locks. It can optionally equip two External Fuel Tanks on its wing pylons, sacrificing its stealth capabilities for much greater flight range.

Similar to the basic ASF-30, the ASF-33 is capable of taking off from and landing at carriers.


  • A picture of what the interior of the ASF-33's bays look like in its default config. Left: ASMRM-6 missiles; right: ASRM-93 missiles.

    1x Internal slot
    • RG-25 Twin Revolving Cannons - "Twin 25mm revolving cannons."
  • 1x Internal bay
    • ASMRM-7 x6 Internal - "Medium range radar guided air to air missile. Missiles are stowed internally to improve stealth and aerodynamics."
  • 2x Side bays
    • ASRM-93 x2 - "Heat seeking short range air to air missiles. Initially stowed."
  • 2x Wing pylons
    • 4000L External Drop Tank - "A 4000 liter detachable external fuel tank."*

*Not equipped by default; can be attached if desired.


  • The ASF-33 was originally known simply as "Drone Fighter". This caused some confusion among players where the Manta UCAV was concerned due to its modern status as a "Drone fighter."


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