"Large naval aircraft carrier. Can be set as the spawn point for the player and certain AI aircraft." -- Mission Editor description[]

This is the main aircraft carrier for the allied fleet. It has 9 spawn points on its deck which can fit AV-42Cs, F/A-26Bs, F-45As, and nonplayable MQ-31 aerial refueling drones. It has four launch catapults on its deck for safely launching CTOL aircraft; two are located towards the bow while the other two are at the middle of the deck, located portside from the bridge. It also has an arrestor-bar-based landing system on its rear deck for controlled horizontal aircraft landings. It can be difficult to land on a carrier, though, especially while it's moving, so the carrier also comes with an Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (IFLOLS), located just off portside on the top deck for assistance with glide slope tuning. See the page on Carrier Landing for more information.

As for its defenses, it has a small set of CIWS and SAM turrets around its hull for close-in defense against hostile aircraft and even incoming missiles. Unlike most naval ships, the carrier doesn't have a Vertical Launch System or any sort of radar-based weaponry, so bringing an Allied Cruiser or two along should be done when deploying it directly into battle for optimal tactical flexibility.

The enemy faction also has their own carrier: the NFP Carrier.


A side picture of the carrier with an example complement: 5 F/A-26Bs, 3 AV-42Cs, and 1 MQ-31.


  • 3x CIWS Turrets; one at the bow-starboard corner, one at port near the IFLOLS, one at stern just below the deck.
  • 3x Radar-Guided Missile Launchers; one at the bow-port corner, one at each of the stern corners. Fires semi-active radar-guided SAMs at its targets.
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