Units have their own AI to control movement and weapons. The AI of units will default to the default options specified in the mission editor, if able. For example, a parked air unit will takeoff when told by an action, and it will automatically enter the default orbit or path. They will break off and automatically engage units if allowed.

Air Units Edit

Air units can be attracted to the player's radar and will path towards it to eventually detect the player.

Aircraft actively try to avoid collision with other units in the air and on the ground.The player's position on the runway will hold up other aircraft queued to take off.

Air units in the same unit group as the player count as wingmen. They respond to commands via the MFD COMM page which are similar to actions in the mission editor.

Anti-Air Artillery Edit

Anti-air guns track the player once in range and fire a burst of rounds. Units with radar fire more accurately, but they can be tricked with chaff. Units will turn off their radar when they are out of ammo.

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