AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 14 hours ago

Announcing The Winning Entries Of Operation Eternal Spirit!

Salutations, pilots! As of today, Operation Eternal Spirit is now over. I'd like to thank everyone who participated for sending in images for the Wiki!

My original plan was to host a livestream on the Wiki's Discord server to announce the winners of OES, but given the relatively low number of participants in the event, I have decided to forego the livestream and announce the winning images here. With that being said, the winning images for Operation Eternal Spirit are...

Here we have an image of an AH-94 firing its main cannon at a sea target.

Here we can see the end of a dogfight between two F/A-26Bs, with the winner having the ephemeral pleasure of getting to watch their combatant fall apart in the air.

And here we have an F/A-26B flying no…

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 11 days ago

"When is Baha adding the A-10 to VTOL VR?" And Other Very Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the general background of the type of playerbase VTOL VR tends to attract, there are often some specific questions that players will usually have for the developer after having played for a few hours. These are some of the more common questions that players tend to ask, along with some reasonably detailed answers to them.

  • 1 New Aircraft
  • 2 HOTAS Support
  • 3 Native Oculus Quest Support
  • 4 Sources

  • "When will the developers add new playable aircraft to the game?"
  • "Will Baha ever add a playable A-10 to VTOL VR?"
  • "Will we ever get a two-seater jet added to VTOL VR?"
  • "Is Baha working on adding something like the AC-130 to VTOL VR?"

In short, BahamutoD has kept quiet about this topic, neither confirming nor actively denying the production of any new play…

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Sypwn Sypwn 22 days ago

Mission Editor tips

  • If you are making a multiplayer mission, it has to be inside a multiplayer campaign. If you already started creating the mission: create a new singleplayer campaign, then import that mission into the campaign, then convert the campaign to multiplayer.
  • Decide who your target audience will be, and adjust the mission appropriately. If you are making a mission that you want mainstream players to enjoy in public lobbies, it should:
    • Have shorter flight times
    • Have easy access to rearm points, such as capturable airbases.
    • Have fewer and less difficult mission failure conditions
    • (Missions intended for more serious teams and roleplayers can relax or ignore these, but I recommend noting such in the mission description and/or first page of the briefing.)
  • Name…
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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 30 May

Announcing Operation Eternal Spirit! June 1st To August 1st!

The VTOL VR Wiki is hosting Operation Eternal Spirit, a historical photography project for VTOL VR. Operation Eternal Spirit involves taking pictures and videos of all the different aspects of VTOL VR's gameplay to act as a symbol of the times (and good material for the Wiki itself). VTOL VR has undergone significant development in its four years* of development, and the depth to this game is incredible for what it offers. What better way to celebrate VTOL VR than by immortalizing its content and gameplay experiences through photo and video!

During the Operation, players are encouraged to either take photos/videos of different facets of VTOL VR's gameplay or upload existing photos and videos you've taken to either the dedicated channel within…

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The VTOL VR Wiki's Bi-Yearly Usage Survey Is Back!

It's that time again, pilots! The VTOL VR Wiki's Bi-Yearly Usage Survey has returned! Receiving community input on the Wiki's infrastructure is crucial, and this forum serves as an excellent way for the Wiki to accomplish that. The forum is short and will be used to gauge user habits around the Wiki and help improve the overall user experience and community dynamic here too. If you could take several minutes to fill out this form, it would be greatly appreciated.

The forum itself can be found here.

The questions on the forum are different from the last one in November. The forum will remain open for three weeks before being closed. Like before, another forum will open up for answer collection on November 1st, 2022. Thank you all in advance for …

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Strikeeaglechase Strikeeaglechase 15 December 2021

A collection of mistakes/corrections

On the Autopilot page

SPD: "Speed Autopilot" - This mode, exclusive to the F/A-26B, will allow the computer to control the aircraft's thrust and airbrakes,

The aircraft cannot command airbreak

On the WIP radar page

unless they're moving very fast in relation to the search radar.

VTOL VR dosn't check targets velocity relative to the radar, just its velocity relative to the world

Under "Cons" part 2, it mentions RWR detection, however no enemy units in game have RWRs so its not a con

On the AV page

Its notable thrust capability allows it to more easily carry heavier loadouts than aircraft such as the F/A-26B generally could.

Directly conflicts with what is said on the 26 page

F/A-26B has a superior thrust power and weapon capacity, allowing it to brin…

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 8 November 2021

One Year On: A Retrospective Of The Wiki's History

Hello, intrepid pilots! Inlovewithabsol here. I just realized the important occasion that flew over my head: my one-year anniversary as Wiki admin! It's two days late now, but I figured I'd say a little something about it now anyways.

One year (and two days) ago, I went ahead and adopted the stagnant VTOL VR Wiki to help get it back up on its feet for the growing community platform. I had been doing some basic housekeeping around the Wiki for a few months prior, though, assuming that the Wiki still had active admins. After adopting the VTOL VR Wiki, I made a concerted effort to develop its articles, keep it looking neat, and lay a firm foundation for the Wiki's future. Managing and maintaining the Wiki has been an excellent experience for m…

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 2 November 2021

The VTOL VR Wiki's Bi-Yearly Usage Survey Is Here!

I've been looking to acquire some user feedback to find ways in which I could improve the Wiki and its Discord server. As such, I'm instituting the Bi-Yearly VTOL VR Wiki Usage Survey to acquire further demographics on the Wiki's community and find ways in which I (we, by extension) can work to grow the Wiki into something even better. The survey itself is located here. Whether you're active on the Wiki or just casually poking around, I'd be glad to have your imput on your experience here. Answer what questions you can and answer them honestly. Help me help you to help us help you!

The survey itself will be open for the duration of November and will reopen again in May.

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 28 October 2021

Mods, Multiplayer, The Wiki, And You: The VTOL VR Wiki's Policies Regarding Unofficial Content

Salutations, intrepid pilots!

You may all know just how popular VTOL VR's modding community has become lately. They've pumped out an astounding variety of content so far, ranging from Quality-of-Life improvements to entirely new aircraft already. They have even managed to create their very own multiplayer mod, which went on to become one of the most popular mods in the community by far. Unfortunately, their quick rise to notoriety has also created some confusion within the VTOL VR community, and I want to address that issue here so as to prevent it from adversely affecting the VTOL VR Wiki.

If you've reviewed the VTOL VR Wiki's policies already, you may be aware of our policies regarding external content already. This is useful for keeping i…

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 9 May 2021

Blocking Policy Addendum: Accounts vs. IP Addresses

I'm writing this blog to describe in better detail a change I'm making to the VTOL VR Wiki's blocking policy. This one goes over actions taken against malicious wiki edits made via account versus edits made attributed to an IP address alone. The addendum I'm making goes over the issue of spamming around the Wiki, which I intend to address more directly.

As stated by Rule 1 on the Wiki Policies page (I moved the Rules around to accommodate the new one), 'spamming' is defined as any edit that does not directly contribute to the VTOL VR Wiki's knowledge-base, including advertisement of external links/services or inserting gibberish/nonsense into articles.

The unique Blocking Class of Rule 1 is something I will explain now. Rule 1 has two differ…

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 6 May 2021

Major Issues With The Visual Editor

Greetings, pilots and editors! I'm writing this blog to talk about the currently decaying Visual Editor platform on Fandom.

Those of you who have been editing recently may have noticed a large amount of 503 errors being thrown when trying to access the Visual Editor, render an article preview, or save your edits. From what I know so far, the Visual Editor is in a poor state right now. It may have something to do with either Fandom's servers or the Visual Editor's technical components. Either way, it seems that Fandom is aware of these issues and is working on a fix for it.

In the meantime, you may want to start utilizing the Source Editor for Wiki edits instead. It's not a complete workaround, as the article preview function relies on the Vi…

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 29 April 2021

The VTOL VR Wiki's Discord server is up and running!

After several months of development, I decided to open up the VTOL VR Wiki's Discord server for public use. Feel free to drop by and offer some assistance! Discuss article changes, Wiki policies, Wiki features, and more! The server can be found at this link: https://discord.gg/kFEk6eykj5

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Quantify Quantify 6 November 2020

"What's Quantify doing here?"

My alias is Quantify. I've been a member of the VTOL community for nearly a year now, and have been passionate about training ever since I purchased the game. About 3 months ago, I started a dedicated training community to help with my ultimate goal: to transform the player base of VTOL VR into skilled, professional pilots. However, I now have another way to help out! I've been a Wikipedia editor for quite a while, so I'd love to use my experience to revamp this wiki.

After Inlovewithabsol adopted the wiki and granted me Administrator and Bureaucrat, I've been reviewing all its articles and getting ready to go on an editing spree. I am now on the aforementioned spree and am consuming coffee faster than any other person to walk this earth. (…

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AtrociousAmbition AtrociousAmbition 5 November 2020

The Wiki's Drought Is Coming To An End!

Hello, visitors and commoners!

I am Inlovewithabsol, long-time Wiki housekeeper and experienced VTOL VR player. I am pleased to announce that I have finally gone ahead and adopted the VTOL VR Wiki. I plan on dedicating my efforts to filling the administrative gap left by user Jake762x51's untimely absence and finally revitalizing this wiki once and for all for its rapidly-growing playerbase. My intention is to cultivate a stronger administrative platform to not only assist with keeping articles clean and up-to-date, but also to help protect against spam/trolling threats and create a better community platform here.

To that end, I have recruited Quantify, the administrator of the popular Britgun fan community, to assist me with the afformentio…

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