Armaments are the weapons and equipment a player can attach to their aircraft. Most can attach to hard points located on the aircraft and are able to be jettisoned. Size and other technical limitations can limit which hard points a weapon can be mounted on. For example, a droptank needs a hard point that can siphon off fuel. Other armaments are permanently attached once the aircraft spawns, or are not even optional, such as the targeting pod on the AV-42C Kestrel. While most armaments are available on all playable aircraft, some are unique to a specific aircraft.

Exclusive to F/A-26B:

Exclusive to AV-42C Kestrel:

Hardpoints and Armament Edit

Damage Model Edit

The rounds of aircraft guns have splash damage. Even the F/A-26B's cannon can be used for close air support as a last resort.

The bridge of ships can be tracked by the TGP. Several hits to this will deplete the unit's health. Upon death, a self destruct sequence will destroy remaining onboard weapons, and the ship will start to sink. Alternatively, a ship whose weapons are all destroyed will sink.

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