"A medium sized drone ship armed with SAMs and basic gun turrets." -- Mission Editor Description[]

The DMS Cruiser is a common ship in the enemy navy, designed for mid-range air defense. It has five SAM launchers on its bow for targeting hostile aircraft in the area, complementing its own Vertical Launch System well for better air superiority. It also has three double-barrelled CIWS turrets located near its bridge for defending against missiles, bombs, and other aircraft at close range.

There is also another variant of the DMS Cruiser available: the Drone Carrier. Instead of five SAM turrets on its bow, it has an extra CIWS turret and 10 rocket-catapults capable of deploying numerous Manta UCAVs into the air.



  • 3x Double-Barrel CIWS turrets; one in front of the bridge, two at the stern.
  • 5x SAM turrets; all located at the bow, equipped with BSM-66 SAMs.
  • 1x Vertical Launch System; located at the stern, near the two CIWS turrets.


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