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"Unmanned ship with 10 Manta drone launchers." -- Mission Editor description[]

The Drone Carrier is an alternative variant of the standard DMS Cruiser capable of launching 10x Manta UCAVs on command. It cannot launch UCAVs individually. It is designed to escort larger ships into enemy territory and assault hazardous areas or create diversions for enemy fighters. In a defensive context, the Drone Carrier is an easy method for mounting a defense against enemy air threats when scrambling fighters from a carrier would take too long.

Its drones can be deployed via its "Launch Drones" event action in the Mission Editor.


An animation of the Drone Carrier deploying all of its UCAVs.

A single Drone Catapult on the Drone Carrier's deck.


  • 10x Manta UCAV launchers; 5 bow-port, 5 bow-starboard. Can only be used once; drone supply does not 'reload.'
  • 4x Double-Barrelled CIWS Turrets; one at the bow in front of the drone launchers, one at the middle in front of the bridge, and two located due-stern in front of the VLS.
  • 1x Vertical Launching System; located due-stern, just behind the two CIWS batteries.


Enemy Military
Aircraft ASF-30ASF-33ASF-58GAV-25 BullsharkHB-106 BomberManta UCAV
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