The E-4 Overlord (Boeing E-3 Sentry in real life) is an allied AI controlled AEW (Airborne Early Warning) aircraft. The base of the aircraft is a Boeing 767. The type of AEW radar mounted to the 767 is the AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System). It uses a mounted 360 degree rotating radar dish to sweep long ranges (250-400 miles) scanning for targets and allies. The E-4 can then transmit this data to allied units and direct attack missions, or assist in helping other units rendezvous with air refueling tankers.

The E-4's 360 degree radar is probably not just a clone of the rotating Fire Control Radar dish. Instead, it scans in a sphere rather than a half dome meaning there are no altitude blind spots. In game, units detected by the E-4 Overlord are always visible to the player, and there is no datalink or radio range simulated. This also means that there is no way to ask the unit about units outside the area visible on the NAV page of the MFD. See the page on Detection.

The E-4 has no defensive or offensive capability by itself, and instead relies on it's powerful radar to detect threats and direct units to attack them. It is exclusively AI controlled and friendly to the player. Players should be vigilant to defend it as enemy AI will engage it.

Often people understandably associate AWACS with all AEW's however the AWACS is a unique specific system under the AEW category.

"Airborne early warning radar jet (AWACS). It can scan a large area and provide aircraft positions via data link to allies." - In game description

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Trivia Edit

  • The E-4's radome has no collision box.
  • The model is reused from the aerial tanker. Although the refueling boom was deleted, the base is still attached to the fuselage.
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