"A carrier based air-superiority fighter that can be configured for ground attack roles." - Game

The F/A-26B "Wasp" is a playable twin engine multi-role fighter added in Update 0.0.7

It has features of several aircraft including the F-22, F-15, and F/A-18.

  • It is largely based off the F-15 with the prominent variable intake ramps.
  • It has the multirole and carrier ops capability of an F/A-18.
  • It has the stealthy nose and angled rudder design of an F-22.

This wiki-page is incomplete. For current information on the F/A-26B, please consult the F/A-26B NATOPS Manual, being worked on by !Freedomplaza#1132 and Quantify#8384 (Discord tags.)

Cockpit Edit

Functionally, the cockpit has almost a 1:1 parity with the controls found in the AV-42C Kestrel with some differences.

  • There are two VR MFCDs with the center position instead being populated by analog instruments. Numbers on the dials stay the same but they directly represent the digits of the player's chosen units.
  • RADAR controls.
  • The player can change between side stick or center stick.
  • The foldable wings are controlled with a switch next to the parking brake. The switch is locked out once in flight to prevent the wings from folding, but the wings will not automatically fold out in air. Instead they will snap off after a sufficient speed.

Specifications (F/A-26B) Edit

FA-26B Front


FA-26B Side


FA-26B Top
Cockpit Render 1

General characteristics Edit

  • Crew: 1 Pilot
  • Length: ?
  • Wingspan: ?
  • Height: ?
  • Wing area: ?
  • Aspect ratio: ?
  • Airfoil: Stalls at around 13 degrees angle of attack.
  • Empty weight: 20020 kg
  • Gross weight: ?
  • Max takeoff weight: ?
  • Fuel capacity: 7100 L Internal Fuel. 32000 with conformal fuel tanks
  • Powerplant: 2 × ? afterburning turbofan engines, ? thrust each dry, 15550 kg with afterburner

Performance Edit

  • Maximum speed: ?
  • Cruise speed: Supercruiser capable at around Mach 1.2 @ 32,000ft
  • Range: ?
  • Combat range: ?
  • Ferry range: ?
  • Service ceiling: ?
  • Rate of climb: ?
  • Wing loading: ?
  • Thrust/weight: 1.55 empty

Armament Edit

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