Although most aircraft use the VR MFCD and Head-Up Display (HUD) to provide information, the F/A-26B contains backup analog flight instruments.

Fuel Flow Edit

Full afterburner setting is denoted in red. However, for the AV-42C Kestrel, the afterburners activated before the red zone because they can be throttled to some extent. The F/A-26B's afterburners are one setting.

Turbine RPM Edit

Displays the engine RPM for the turbines of the APU or main engines.

Altimeter Edit

Displays the altitude in the units chosen by the player in the OPTION sub menu of the MFCD. The two hands add up to the total altitude.

Vertical Speed Indicator Edit

Altitude rate of change as seen on the HUD. There is a red "PULL UP" marker when the player is pitched down too steep.

Attitude Indicator Edit

Horizontal Situational Indicator Edit

This instrument combines the heading information and radio navigation systems. The compass card rotates relative to the aircraft. The course deviation knob sets the vector towards the current WPT that the player wants to line up with.

When landing using the ATC found in COMMS, instrument landing system information will be displayed on this dial.

  • The yellow line represents runway lineup. The center line tells you which direction to turn towards.
  • The orange line represents glideslope lineup. The center line tells you which direction to pitch towards.
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