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== Aircraft Identification ==
== Aircraft Identification ==
[[File:GAV-25 Front.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Front]]
[[File:GAV-25 Front.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Front]]Seems to be inspired by Su-25[[File:GAV-25 Side.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Side]]
[[File:GAV-25 Side.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Side]]
[[File:GAV-25 Top.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Top]]
[[File:GAV-25 Top.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Top]]

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"A STOVL/VTOL ground attack jet" - in game description

Based on the Su-25 and Harrier Jump Jet. This is the VTOL aircraft for the enemy faction in the game. Does not have radar but can be lethal with slower and tighter turn radius and 30mm cannons.

Cannot carry passengers like the AV-42C, with the trade-off being more pylons.

Aircraft Identification Edit

GAV-25 Front


Seems to be inspired by Su-25
GAV-25 Side


GAV-25 Top


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