A profile picture of the GAV-25 with its default loadout equipped.

"A STOVL/VTOL ground attack jet" - in game description[]

The GAV-25 Bullshark is the main VTOL aircraft for the enemy faction in the game. This unit specializes in Air-to-Ground combat; its sheer potential firepower makes it a formidable asset in Close Air Support tactics. It has no radar, falls short in terms of speed, and is only capable of equipping heat-seeking missiles, making it somewhat vulnerable to hostile interceptor aircraft.


These are the weapons the GAV-25 can equip, as listed in the Mission Editor.

  • 1x Internal slot
    • CG-25 Twin Chaingun - "A fixed 25mm dual-barreled chaingun."
  • 8x External pylons
    • GMA-6 x2 - "A medium range optically guided 'fire-and-forget' anti-tank missile."
    • GMA-14 x3 - "A rack of 3 laser-guided anti-tank missiles."
    • WR-25 Rocket Pod - "A hexagonal pod carrying 25 unguided rockets."
    • ASF-SRM x1 - "A standard heat-seeking anti-air missile."
    • ASF-SRM x2 - "A rack of two standard heat-seeking anti-air missiles."
    • ASF-SRM x3 - "A rack of three standard heat-seeking anti-air missiles."
    • SB-1 Bomb x3 - "Standard unguided 500lb bombs."
    • ASF-SRM-RA x1 - "An older rear-aspect heat-seeking anti-air missile."
    • ASF-SRM-RA x2 - "A rack of two older rear-aspect heat-seeking anti-air missiles."
    • ASF-SRM-RA x3 - "A rack of three older rear-aspect heat-seeking anti-air missiles."


  • Though the GAV-25 cannot be loaded with passengers in the Mission Editor like with the AV-42C, one of these fighters did play a transportation role in mission 7 (Striking Oil) of the F/A-26B's campaign. In the second phase of the mission, if the player takes too long to destroy the VIP's convoy, then it will stop at a checkpoint and the VIP (and presumably their guards) will board a GAV-25, which will attempt to extract them from the map.


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