"500lb GPS guided direct attack munition. It's a Mk.82 bomb with a guidance package strapped on." -- In-Game Description[]

The GBU-38 is a basic 500lb GPS-guided bomb. Its tactical employment is roughly similar to the Mk. 82 Bomb, but the inclusion of a GPS guidance package makes it much more accurate than its generic counterpart. It functions very well as an asset in precise, coordinated attacks due to its accuracy and destructive capability.

Equip Options[]

The GBU-38 has a small set of config options to determine how the weapon functions in battle:

  • Target Mode - This determines the deployment method of the GBU-38. It can be switched between two modes: Auto, Manual, and Dumb. Auto configuration causes it to cycle to the next target in the GPS list automatically once a bomb is dropped; otherwise (in Manual mode), this would have to be done manually. When set to Dumb, the GBU-38's guidance package is disabled and it can thereby be deployed in the same way the Mk. 82 is.
  • Auto Rel[ease] Rate - This option determines how many bombs are dropped per second while the trigger is held. Its default option is Single.


In its default mode, it requires GPS coordinates for deployment. This allows it to hit targets with precision accuracy, making it exceptionally useful as a bunker-buster weapon, but that makes it useless against moving ground targets. Alternatively, the GPS guidance package can be disabled entirely in a fighter's EQUIP MFD page in a pinch, allowing it to function the same way as a regular Mk. 82 would.


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