"A small unmanned boat carrying a basic gun turret" -- Mission Editor description[]

The Gun Boat is one of the more basic ships in the fleet. It is a small boat with a single Double-Barreled CIWS at the front. It can be a good addition for fleet support, and works well in small fleets. Unlike its bigger cousins, the Gun Boat and its other variants can be easily destroyed by a simple burst fire from a fighter's main gun, making it somewhat nonviable for frontal assaults.

The base of the Gun Boat also facilitates the inclusion of two unit variants:

  • Rocket Boat: Same as the Gun Boat, except it has a mid-range heavy rocket launcher for naval superiority.
  • Mine Boat: Essentially a Gun Boat without a CIWS turret. It has a set of decorate sea mines in the back. So far it only serves as a decoration/easy target.


  • 1x Double-Barreled CIWS Turret; located at the boat's bow.