The heads up display replaces or duplicates analog flight instruments and dials. It also includes reticles and guides for using weapons.

The HUD may be mirrored to the visor when it is pulled down and the HMCS is toggled on. Although the visor is an extension of the HUD when facing towards it, the visor has a unique display when the HUD is out of the field of view.


A yellow notification will appear when a new objective begins.

The top has a bearing tape in degrees. The right side has an altimeter tape. The boxed altitude is your current altitude as measured by pressure (sea level) or radar (ground level).

  • G: Gee force
  • M: Mach number
  • α: (Greek alpha symbol); angle of attack.


  • The reticle for missiles with optical seekers will slew onto target. A steady tone and launch authorization lights cue the user to fire.
  • Alternatively, the reticle can be locked to the visor when using head tracking for infrared missiles.
  • For AGM-89s, the reticle just needs to be in the general direction of the selected GPS point.

GPS Bombs[]

Targets need to be at least within the outer circle for launch authorization.

  • Diamond with a dot: A GPS target
  • Double Diamond with a dot: Target currently highlighted in the GPS. This is the target the bomb will guide towards.
  • Outer Circle: Minimum release area
  • Inner Circle: Highest chance of hitting the target release area

Unguided Bombs[]

  • The vertical line tells you the trajectory the bomb will take.
  • The circle and dot indicate the impact area. This correlates with the predicted impact point (PIP) in the TGP.

CCRP options

  • Dotted Line: where the user needs to overlay the solid line to line up with the target.
  • Chevrons: The user needs to release when the diamond is centered between these to get the proper release timing.


The circle is the predicted impact point of the rocket upon firing.


The cross shows the guns uncorrected bore sight position.

The circle indicates the predicted impact point of the shots. The outer ring indicates longer time to target (up to 4 seconds) as the bar gets fuller. A line will connect the circle to the cross when using large off target leads such as during a dogfight. The line gives a general indication of the targets trajectory.