To install custom missions and maps, first download them to your computer. One community site is

NOTE: Discord has a mission editor section with missions posted often that may not be posted elsewhere, though many of these may be a work in progress.

Installation of maps and missions:

  1. Download a mission from the site and open the file if compressed (zip/rar).
  2. If you haven’t changed the location for your steam folder it’s located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VTOL VR

  1. Missions go in the "CustomScenarios" Folder (content needs to be in the missions named folder in here)
    • CustomScenarios contain all dependencies such as sound files, images, and maps.
    • Older scenarios may need a custom map added to a separate directory (see below)
  2. Maps go into the "CustomMaps" Folder (content needs to be in the maps named folder in here)
    • These maps are used for creating new missions, or as a dependency for scenarios that do not contain the map in their CustomScenario folder.
    • Maps have a .vtm file and a PNG height map image
  3. If you want to install a campaign you simply place it inside the Campaigns folder which is in the CustomScenarios folder.
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