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== Equipment Options ==
== Equipment Options ==
Just like with the AIM-9, the IRIS-T targeting modes can be set to:
Just like with the AIM-9, the IRIS-T targeting modes can be set to:
* Caged (boresight)
* Caged (boresight)
* Caged (boresight)

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Information and Background Edit

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A rack of 3 IRIS-T's.

Also classified as a ASRAAM or Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile. Developed in 1995 to be a successor to the AIM-9. Manufactured by Diehl BGT Defence, the IRIS-T is primarily used by European/NATO countries. Boasting extreme maneuverability and range (for an IR missile) the IRIS-T is quickly replacing the AIM-9. Any aircraft that can carry an AIM-9 can carry an IRIS-T instead on the same hard point.

In comparison to the AIM-9L Sidewinder, the IRIS-T has higher ECM-resistance and flare suppression. Improvements in target discrimination not only allows for 5 to 8 times longer head-on firing range than the AIM-9L, it can also engage targets behind the launching aircraft, the latter made possible by the extreme close-in agility allowing turns of 60 g at a rate of 60°/s.

The IRIS-T is an infrared heat seeking missile, so when fired "Fox 2" is announced by the pilot.

It is also faster than the AIM-9.

"Short range heat seeking air to air missile with advanced capabilities. Improved maneuverability, range, and counter-countermeasure system" - Game

Weight: 123kg

Cost: $1500

Equipment Options Edit

Just like with the AIM-9, the IRIS-T targeting modes can be set to:

  • Caged (boresight)
  • Uncaged (circles around center of HUD)
  • Head-Track (when JHMCS is enabled and visor is down)
  • Vertical Scan (scans vertically across HUD)

Use Edit

On the F/A-26B and AV-42C the outer wing hard points can accommodate 3 IRIS-T's each, totaling 6 missiles across only 2 hard points. Making this a very effective air-to-air loadout. Once the pilot is within range of the target (typically visual range as well) the steady audible tone of the seeker head will go from low to high. A predicted intercept point will also display on the hud, leading ahead of the target aircraft. At that point the missile is ready to fire and track to the target with a simple trigger squeeze. The missile is fire-and-forget, so the player can immediately break away if needed, or fire on other targets.

The IRIS-T is superior to the AIM-9 in virtually all situations although it is more expensive. The IRIS-T is capable of targeting and destroying incoming larger missiles like SAM's somewhat reliably if needed. As stated the missile is much more effective at ignoring flares and has extreme maneuverability, although aligning shots and decreasing range will always improve performance.

Warning: Please take care when firing any IR missile in close proximity to friendly units. The IR missiles will track to whatever heat source they are targeted to, but on occasion a passing friendly in front of the seeker head will be targeted instead.

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