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Control Edit

The gun will speedlock forward when traveling above ~400KPH. Below that speed, the gun is free to slave to two control options

  • The turret will slave to TGP. This means the M230 can be controlled indirectly by slewing the TGP through SOI, or by head tracking when the TGP is slaved to the visor.
  • If the TGP is powered off, the M230 will still follow head tracking.

Information Edit

This weapon can only be used by the AV-42 Kestrel.

Cost: $1,000

Weight: 937kg

Rounds: 1200 rounds of 30mm ammunition.

Damage Edit

Like the GAU-8, the M230's projectiles have splash damage. A direct hit is not needed to damage a unit.

Real Life Edit

The Hughes M230 Chain Gun is a 30 mm, single-barrel automatic cannon developed by Hughes and now manufactured by Orbital ATK. It is an electrically operated chain gun, a weapon that uses external electrical power (as opposed to recoil or expanding gas generated by the firing cartridge) to cycle the weapon between shots.

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