A UCAV flying over a mountain range.

The Manta is a hostile Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. It is launched from the enemy's own Drone Carrier and is notable for being very easy to mass-produce. This unit is a viable unit option for easy defense or even being sent into hazardous areas where they would not be expected to survive. As such, it is commonly utilized in offensive contexts for combat support, or even just as a simple diversion. It is identifiable on the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) as DF.

Despite being designed to be launched from Drone Carriers, Manta UCAVs can be spawned individually in the Mission Editor, though they cannot be spawned on the ground like other fighters. Additionally, individually-spawned UCAVs are able to be equipped with up to four Air-to-Ground Missiles.


  • A picture of a UCAV with GMA-14 missiles equipped.

    1x Gun Slot
    • EUCAV GUN - "EUCAV GUN" Seems to be a generic machine gun.
  • 4x External pylons
    • UCAV GMA-14 Launcher - "Single air-to-ground missile [ . . . ] for [the] UCAV." These will never appear on the Drone Carrier's UCAV subunits.