VTOL VR Tutorial Nuggets-Unguided Bomb Deployment Tutorial

A detailed video tutorial on how to deploy unguided bombs.

"Standard un-guided[sic] 500lb bomb." -- In-Game Description[]

The Mk. 82 Bomb is a generic free-fall bomb available for all playable aircraft except the AH-94. Its simplicity of use makes it effective for tactics such as carpet bombing. When active, it shows a vertical line across the HUD. The marker showing where the bomb will hit is at the bottom of this line, commonly referred to as the CCIP pipper. The entire system is referred to as the Constantly Computed Impact Point, or CCIP. The Mk. 82 has three main deployment techniques available:

  • CCIP Dive-Bombing: This mode makes use of the Mk. 82's CCIP HUD pipper for a direct attack method. To do this, fly to ~5,000 feet above your target, immediately dive down towards them, and pull the trigger to release a bomb once the CCIP marker is over them.
  • TGP-Assisted Bombing: This mode is useful for hitting stationary targets in close proximity to one another, or for improving the accuracy of carpet-bombing runs. To do this, open up the TGP panel on one of your MFDs and set its mode to 'PIP' (Predicted Impact Point) to track the bomb's impact point more precisely. Line up with your target(s) and pull the trigger once your TGP's crosshair is over your desired target. TGP bombing is useful when diving is impractical.
  • CCRP (Constantly-Calculated Release Point) Bombing: This mode is the most sophisticated deployment method for unguided bombs, allowing for strong accuracy against targets, stationary or otherwise. To use this mode, ensure that the Mk. 82's CCRP functionality is enabled in your aircraft's EQUIP MFCD page beforehand. Open up the TGP page and click the SOI button so you can slew the targeting crosshair over a desired ground target. This will create a dotted line on your HUD (the CCRP line); this is your steering cue. Line up the Mk. 82's CCIP reticle as closely with the CCRP line as closely as possible and hold your aircraft steady on your approach. As the CCIP marker nears the target, a diamond icon will crawl down the CCRP line towards two carats. Once the diamond is in between the carats, the CCIP is over the target (or at least within appropriate launch distance from them); pull the trigger once everything is lined up for an accurate bomb drop. CCRP bombing is a valuable tactic if one wishes to deploy unguided bombs against moving ground targets, such as convoys or naval ships, as the calculations account for the target's movement. Using AUTO CCRP allows you to hold the trigger in advance, with the computer releasing the bomb at the perfect moment. This mode works well for precise bombing runs against single targets, but if absolute precision against multiple targets is more necessary to your tactics, you may wish to opt to use a GBU-38 instead.

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