"Large aircraft carrier" -- Mission Editor Description[]

The NFP Carrier is the main carrier of the enemy fleet. Unlike the allied aircraft carrier, the NFP Carrier is much larger, bearing a distinctive catamaran-like design with two hulls. It can store up to 10 ASF-30s and/or ASF-33s on its deck for takeoff. It has four fighter catapults, two for each hull. It also has a straight-on runway located between the two hulls with an arrestor-bar-based landing system for allowing aircraft to land on the deck after being deployed.

The NFP Carrier is most notable for its strong close-in defenses. Having one CIWS turret at each corner of the ship, the carrier has a very strong defense against incoming AGMs or cruise missiles. It also has two heat-seeking missile turrets at the rear corners for added defense against incoming hostile fighters. Though it has a long-range radome atop its bridge, the carrier has no actual radar-guided weapons available; it is supposedly utilized as a simple detection radar, like the radar found on the AWACS.


A side profile of the NFP Carrier, loaded with 6 ASF-30s and 4 ASF-33s.


  • 4x Double-Barrel CIWS Turrets; one located at each corner of the ship.
  • 2x IR Missile Launcher turrets; one located at each rear corner of the ship.


The NFP Carrier has no radar-based weaponry and is seemingly incapable of linking up with other aircraft, making its radar somewhat useless at the moment.


  • It is actually possible for players to use this carrier. Both its catapults and arrestor bars can be used for player takeoffs and landings respectively.
  • This is one of the few ships in the enemy fleet's navy that are not canonically autonomous, the other being the NMSS Cruiser.