"Large missile cruiser equipped with a vertical launching system, large forward launch tubes, close air defense cannons" -- Mission Editor description[]

The NMSS cruiser is a hostile battleship designed with long-range air defense in mind. Its most notable features include a unique grid of long-range missile tubes on its forward deck and its two radars located on top of the ship. This ship is designed for long-range air superiority and taking heavy beatings before collapsing, making it an excellent ship to lead a fleet into battle with. The missiles stored in its forward launch tubes have a much longer booster phase than standard Surface-to-Air Missiles launched from a regular VLS or stationary SAM Launcher, making them much more accurate and more difficult to evade than standard SAMs. This allows the NMSS cruiser an incredible amount of versatility in both offensive and defensive contexts. It can easily pin down airbases and carriers from afar, making it dangerous for them to scramble their fighters. To better facilitate its greater variety of functions, the NMSS Cruiser has two radars. One controls its forward launch tubes while the other handles its own VLS for mid-range air defense.

It is notable for its roles in the AV-42C and F/A-26B's campaigns, The Island and Desert Cobra. In The Island, an NMSS Cruiser serves as the flagship of the enemy fleet sent to take over Akutan while the allied faction's main fleet was diverted. The player is tasked with using an AGM-89 Anti-ship Cruise Missile to destroy it in mission 6, Darkness. In Desert Cobra, two NMSS Cruisers are docked at the lake in mission 3, Strike At Naval Test Lake, and the player is tasked with performing SEAD operations while another squadron dispatches the docked ships, including dispatching the radars of the docked ships themselves.


A side profile of the NMSS Cruiser.


  • The NMSS Cruiser is one of the few ships in the enemy navy that is not canonically autonomous, the other being the NFP Carrier.
  • The missiles launched by the NMSS Cruiser's forward launch tubes have an inscription on them: "SUPERKA300M".


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