The radar warning receiver displays and identifies sources of radar emissions. Initialisms identify the radar platform, while symbols help the user prioritize and respond to threats. The display updates a source every time a ping hits the aircraft.

To avoid clutter, the radar of most friendly units does not appear on the RWR unlike in real life.

Example Scenario[]

This is a brief example of what the RWR panel shows when a hostile Drone Fighter (DF) is detected, then locks on and fires a missile.


RWR Example Scenario

NOTE: This video is outdated and somewhat misleading, as DF used to be the symbol for the ASF-33, which was known as the "Drone Fighter" in the early days of VTOL VR. Manta UCAVs, the modern "drone fighter", cannot be equipped with radar-guided missiles.


Symbol Definition
RWR Basic Primary.png
Primary Threat
RWR Basic Locked.png
Threat is Locked-on or tracking you. Listen for increased radar pings, or radar spike (lock-on) warning tone. A threat may wait for a better firing solution, so anticipate a missile launch warning.
RWR Basic Newest.png

Newly detected threat. Cross reference with a yellow diamond on the HUD through ARAD.

RWR Basic Airborn.png
Airborne threat. Looks like wings.
RWR Missile.png
This is uniquely colored because it is the most urgent. A threat locked on to you doesn't guarantee they will fire a missile. As the defender, this tells you a missile has switched to its homing radar and is about 10 seconds from you. Conversely, as the attacker this is what your enemy would see and also when your AIM-120 AMRAAM would've displayed an M on the HUD. Also note that not every RWR threat is also a missile threat.


The RWR can also identify a radar source and display an abbreviation denoting the type of unit whose radar is detected. The known abbreviations are as follows:

There are also RWR designations for the other allied radars, but these are never seen in-game under normal circumstances:[1]

It is technically impossible to find these sorts of signatures in any normal gameplay scenario; this is due to the fact that allied radar signatures are filtered out of the RWR to keep the screen from getting cluttered (the AWACS radar is an exception). These will only show up if an allied unit locks onto you, which allied AI will never do under normal circumstances.