The radar warning receiver displays and identifies sources of radar emissions. Acronyms identify the radar platform, while symbols help the user prioritize and respond to threats. The display updates a source every time a ping hits the aircraft.

To avoid clutter, the radar of most friendly units does not appear on the RWR unlike in real life.

Example ScenarioEdit

This is a brief example of what the RWR panel shows when a hostile Drone Fighter (DF) is detected, then locks on and fires a missile.

RWR Example Scenario

RWR Example Scenario

Symbology Edit

Symbol Definition
RWR Basic Primary
Primary Threat
RWR Basic Locked
Threat is Locked-on or tracking you. Listen for increased radar pings, or radar spike (lock-on) warning tone. A threat may wait for a better firing solution, so anticipate a missile launch warning.
RWR Basic Newest

Newly detected threat. Cross reference with a yellow diamond on the HUD through ARAD.

RWR Basic Airborn
Airborne threat. Looks like wings.
RWR Missile
This is uniquely colored because it is the most urgent. A threat locked on to you doesn't guarantee they will fire a missile. As the defender, this tells you a missile has switched to its homing radar and is about 10 seconds from you. Conversely, as the attacker this is what your enemy would see and also when your AIM-120 AMRAAM would've displayed an M on the HUD.

Acronyms Edit

Symbol Definition
RWR Unit AAgun
This is the fire control radar for the many types of anti air Gatling guns.
RWR Unit DroneCarrier
Drone boat (cruiser or carrier)
RWR Unit DroneFighter

Drone Fighter

RWR Unit DroneMissileLauncher

Ship based missile launcher radar

RWR Unit DishSam

"Dish, SAM" The rotating dish fire control radar.

RWR Unit FighterPlus
Air superiority fighter, specifically the ASF-58.
RWR Unit H-Carrier
"H-Carrier", the NFP Carrier
RWR Unit SamRadar
"SAM Radar". This is the phased array fire control radar.
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