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"A mobile rocket artillery truck. It can be commanded via event actions to [attack] specific locations or units. It will also automatically engage visible enemies between 2km and 8km when 'Engage Enemies' is checked." -- Mission Editor description[]

The Rocket Artillery Truck (RAT) is a ground unit available to both the allied and enemy factions. Each RAT contains a missile battery with 12 rocket launch tubes. The overall artillery function is very similar to the MPA-155, except that it can engage enemies automatically when its 'Engage Enemies' property is checked. It also has a configurable reload speed, similarly to SAM Launchers. The allied and enemy RATs are only different in their models used and function the same way otherwise. Artillery trucks will never move while performing fire missions.

Rocket Artillery Trucks fire in Salvos, and those salvos are based on two variables in their directives:

  • Default Shots per Salvo - The amount of shots they make per salvo.
  • Ripple Rate - Set the ripple rate to control how quickly the rockets are fired. The value represents the number of rockets launched per minute. For example, a ripple rate of 60 means 1 rocket every second, and a ripple rate of 120 means 2 rockets per second.

For their firing solutions, the Rocket Artillery Trucks can be given one of four firing orders:

  • Fire on Waypoint - The RAT fires a salvo at a given waypoint.
  • Fire Salvos on Waypoint - The RAT fires a specific number of salvos at a given waypoint.
  • Fire Salvos on Waypoint Radius - The RAT fires a specific number of salvos at random points within a certain radius around the given waypoint.
  • Fire on Unit - The RAT fires a salvo at a specific unit target.

Rocket Artillery Trucks have a maximum manual firing range of ~32 kilometers (17nm).