"Standard air defense platform capable of firing a variety of radar guided surface-to-air missiles. Requires [a] link to at least one Fire Control Radar." -- Mission Editor description[]

This is the enemy's Surface-to-Air Missile launcher (aka. SAM Site). It has 4 launch rails mounted on a turret. The unit can be configured in the mission editor to reload its stock after a specified delay (Default 120 seconds). Despite its description, the SAM Launcher can also be linked up to nearby SAM S/A Radars or even MAD-4 Radars.

SAM Launcher P[]

A SAM Launcher P next to the FCR-P.

"Stationary radar guided surface-to-air missile launcher. Capable of loading 16 missiles." -- Mission Editor description[]

The SAM Launcher P is the allied faction's SAM site. It can fire 16 missiles before having to reload.


Each of the SAM Launcher's different configurations. From left to right: BSM-66, BSM-66LR, and FLKM-100.

The enemy faction's SAM Site has a few different kinds of Surface-to-Air Missiles it can equip in the Mission Editor, depending on the desired role.

  • BSM-66 - "Standard semi-active radar-guided surface to air missile." The standard Surface-to-Air Missile. Attempts to intercept the target, dealing major damage on impact.
  • BSM-66LR - "Standard semi-active radar-guided surface to air missile. Equipped with first-stage booster for extended range." A regular SAM with an extra booster stage, giving it much longer range and making it harder to outrun or outmaneuver.
  • FLKM-100 - "Dual stage long range active radar-guided missile that deploys a field of explosive munitions." Essentially a BSM-66LR with active radar guidance that functions as an aerial cluster bomb. Intercepts the target and deploys a small field of cluster bomblets in front of them. The spread-out damage makes it excellent for dealing with bandits in close formation.

The allied faction's own SAM Launcher P also has only one option so far:

  • PAC-3 - "Radar-guided surface-to-air defense missile."
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