The settings menu contains configuration options only available outside of flight. These do not duplicate the options found in the VR MFCD.

Settings Edit

  • Interactable Tooltips: Show names of interactable objects when hovering over them.
  • Unit Icons: Show team-colored icons on units. These appear when the player is close enough to the unit.
  • Thumbstick Mode: use controller thumbstick instead of touch pad. These are for the WMR or Oculus controllers.
  • Thumb Control Rudder: Use throttle thumb control for rudder instead of joystick-twist.
  • Hardware Control Rudder: Use hardware (rudder pedals)for rudder. Overrides other settings. The bindings for these are on the same menu.
  • Multi-Display Mode: Display spectator camera on the second display.
  • Tree Collisions: Player vehicle can collide with trees.
  • Hide FPV Helmet: Don't show the pilot helmet from first person view. This removes the virtual nose of the gas mask, and allows use of wider FOV VR HMDs.
  • BGM Volume: The volume of background music in menus and missions. Mission editors can trigger mission related audio to play, and this is the only way to control the volume. This is not the same as the mp3 player found in the cockpit.

Buttons Edit

  • Revert: reverts all settings to default
  • OKAY: apply settings and exit to main menu
  • Bindings: check and setup rudder pedals. There is currently no HOTAS support.
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