The tanks are the main ground-based battle vehicles for the allied and enemy factions. The premiere choice for ground combat. They engage hostile ground vehicles with their main cannons, and infantry and aircraft with their machine guns at close range. The game features two tanks; an Allied M1 tank, and an enemy MBT2-E tank.

Their cannons have an engagement range of ~2km (1nm), and their machine guns ~1km (0.53nm).

M1 Tank[]

The M1 Tank

"Standard main battle tank." -- Mission Editor description[]

The tank for the allied faction.

MBT2-E Tank[]

"Standard enemy main battle tank." -- Mission Editor description[]

The MBT2-E Tank.

The tank for the enemy faction.

Allied Military
Aircraft AH-94AV-42CB-11 BomberE-4 OverlordF-45AF/A-26BKC-49 TankerMQ-31
Ground Units C-RAM TruckInfantry (MANPADS) • M1 TankRocket Artillery TruckSLAM TruckSRADWatchman Truck
Stationary Emplacements Bunker AFire Ctrl Radar PStorage Tent ASAM Launcher PSAM S/A Radar
Sea Aircraft CarrierAllied CruiserAssault Carrier
(Parenthesis) denote unit variants.

Enemy Military
Aircraft ASF-30ASF-33ASF-58GAV-25 BullsharkHB-106 BomberManta UCAV
Ground Units Infantry (MANPADS) • IRAPC • MAD-4 (Launcher/Radar) • MPA-155Rocket Artillery TruckSAAWMBT2-E Tank
Stationary Emplacements Bunker ASAM Fire Control RadarSAM S/A RadarSAM LauncherStorage Tent AZ20x2 Anti-Air Artillery
Sea DMS CruiserDrone CarrierGun Boat (Rocket, Mine) • NFP CarrierNMSS Cruiser
(Parenthesis) denote unit variants.