I'm writing this blog to describe in better detail a change I'm making to the VTOL VR Wiki's blocking policy. This one goes over actions taken against malicious wiki edits made via account versus edits made attributed to an IP address alone. The addendum I'm making goes over the issue of spamming around the Wiki, which I intend to address more directly.

As stated by Rule 1 on the Wiki Policies page (I moved the Rules around to accommodate the new one), 'spamming' is defined as any edit that does not directly contribute to the VTOL VR Wiki's knowledge-base, including advertisement of external links/services or inserting gibberish/nonsense into articles.

The unique Blocking Class of Rule 1 is something I will explain now. Rule 1 has two different Blocking Classes to describe how the Blocking conditions work for said rule. The way it works is as follows: if you have an account, your infraction will be internally logged and you will receive a written warning in your profile's Talk Page describing what you're doing wrong; a Block will follow for the second instance of this rule being broken. If you do not have an account, we have no way to get into contact with you, so all we can do is assume the worst; as such, any spammy edits made by users without an account will lead to an immediate, irrevocable Block being applied to their IP address.

This policy is intended not only to discourage spamming (I'm truly thankful that it isn't as much of a problem here as I thought it would be), but also to encourage would-be editors to create an account on the Wiki and get more involved around here. This way, editors who are interested in more than just short-term housekeeping may better connect with the community and remain informed on the Wiki's standards of conduct regarding writing style and information provided. I'm looking to develop a more productive and cohesive community here, and this policy change is my way of achieving that goal.

As always, I'm not out to get people here! The Wiki is a collective project for the sake of a public resource; as such, everyone here should have a say in its development. If there are any policy objections to this rule, or other ways it could be improved, users may feel free to bring up their concerns in this article's Talk page or on the VTOL VR Wiki's Discord server. As long as you're prepared to bring concrete facts to the table, I'm more than willing to negotiate the Wiki's terms and policies.

Fly fast and happy editing!

Inlovewithabsol, VTOL VR Wiki Admin (talk)