Hello, visitors and commoners!

I am Inlovewithabsol, long-time Wiki housekeeper and experienced VTOL VR player. I am pleased to announce that I have finally gone ahead and adopted the VTOL VR Wiki. I plan on dedicating my efforts to filling the administrative gap left by user Jake762x51's untimely absence and finally revitalizing this wiki once and for all for its rapidly-growing playerbase. My intention is to cultivate a stronger administrative platform to not only assist with keeping articles clean and up-to-date, but also to help protect against spam/trolling threats and create a better community platform here.

To that end, I have recruited Quantify, the administrator of the popular Britgun fan community, to assist me with the afformentioned tasks. He is probably way more experienced with the ins and outs of VTOL VR than I am and will be a fantastic addition to the growing moderation team. VTOL VR has made some exceptional development in its three years of activity, so it's only fair that the Wiki gets to follow in suit. I'm looking forward to seeing where both VTOL VR and its Wiki go moving forward. And remember: us admins are here to help! If someone's causing trouble, then don't hesitate to get in contact with one of us. Also, we obviously can't forget our other benefactor as well: you! If an article isn't quite up to spec, feel free to make an account and add in some new info, place an image down, or just fix some grammar errors and/or typos that you find. Every contribution counts, no matter how small!

Until next time, may your munitions be accurate and your fighters be fast! Welcome to the new, revamped VTOL VR Wiki!

Inlovewithabsol, VTOL VR Wiki Admin (talk)