Hello, everyone! Some of you will know me exceptionally well. Others, not so much. So here's a little summary.

My alias is Quantify. I've been a member of the VTOL community for nearly a year now, and have been passionate about training ever since I purchased the game. About 3 months ago, I started a dedicated training community to help with my ultimate goal: to transform the player base of VTOL VR into skilled, professional pilots. However, I now have another way to help out! I've been a Wikipedia editor for quite a while, so I'd love to use my experience to revamp this wiki.

After Inlovewithabsol adopted the wiki and granted me Administrator and Bureaucrat, I've been reviewing all its articles and getting ready to go on an editing spree. I am now on the aforementioned spree and am consuming coffee faster than any other person to walk this earth. (Seriously, it's terrifying.) If you find a mistake, let me know! I'll correct it straight away.

Anyway, I'll be here for the next few months to re-vitalize things. Hopefully, we'll succeed in our goal of completely updating the wiki and making it more maintainable for the future. However, don't forget, this is a community wiki! Anyone can edit, and I encourage you to do so. Spotted a typo? Some word soup? Click that edit button! It takes 1 minute of your time, sometimes much less, and you'll be making a positive change for the community.

I hope to see some more edits here soon! Fly safe, everyone.

"Flatspin" Quantify signing off. 

I love this game.