This page is intended to list the various tasks required around the Wiki. Users are welcome to complete tasks at their own discretion; even the smallest contributions can make a difference! Feel free to provide requested resources or discuss potential changes in Discussions or in the relevant article's Talk page. If there's something else you think needs to be done around the Wiki, feel free to add a task to the list.

All possible changes are debatable. Feel free to use an article's Talk page or the Wiki's Discussions area to debate proposed changes or request new ones.

Changes that are crossed out are technically resolved, but can be further contributed to if desired.

General Tasks[]

  • Notice Categories - Check the subcategories within this one for marked articles that need attention.
  • Standardized page formats need to be set up.

Write It![]

Info Sorting[]

Article Updating[]

Data Requests[]

  • Images
    • Image(s) of the new AEW-50 (REDFOR AWACS)