So you want to get started with contributing to our ever-growing repository of VTOL VR knowledge? That's great! Before you commence your grand editing spree, though, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Wiki's editing policies beforehand. All of the VTOL VR Wiki's policies can be found below. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Wiki's rules, feel free to ask about them in the Discussions area.

Section A: Fandom Regulations

This section goes through general regulations specific to Fandom as a whole.

1. Abide by Fandom's Terms of Service at all times. [C1]

This one is simple enough to understand. Ideally, you would at least skim through this annoyingly ubiquitous, yet all-too-necessary legal document to better understand Fandom's legal regulations and avoid getting in bad trouble or, worse yet, getting someone else in bad trouble. As long as you aren't using this website for blatantly illegal activities (in accordance with US and EU laws), then you should be fine. Any rules set forth by Fandom's Terms of Service take full precedence over the local rules set forth in the VTOL VR Wiki.

2. Be respectful to your fellow users! [C3]

Adhere to common internet etiquette at all times when interacting with your fellow Wiki contributors. Any given user's work around the Wiki should be approached from a good-faith perspective unless they are blatantly vandalizing or spamming. Avoid name-calling and coarse language/tone when correcting another user. Most of all, be patient with people! Not everyone will understand how things work around here on their first go, and that's okay.

Section B: Intra-Wiki Policies

This section goes through policies specific to the VTOL VR Wiki. Policy changes in this category do not apply retroactively to existing infractions.

1. Do not spam or otherwise make irrelevant/unhelpful edits around the Wiki. [C2] (Registered editors), [C1] (Unregistered editors)

The VTOL VR Wiki's tentative definition of 'spammy' edits is any edit that does not directly contribute to the Wiki's knowledge-base as a whole. This includes, but is not by any means limited to, the following:

  • Advertisement of external services, links, or other resources not directly related to the VTOL VR Wiki
  • Gibberish or other nonsensical edits

As for the blocking policy class, this rule will be treated as C2 for registered users and C1 for nonregistered users. At least with the former we can get a testimony from you before we defer our judgment! More info is available in this blog post.

2. All content released on the Wiki must be specific to VTOL VR. [C3]

In general, you should not add information that isn't specific to VTOL VR to an article, such as information from other video games or real-world military information. If real-world military aircraft such as the A-10 or the C-130 Hercules are not directly portrayed in VTOL VR, then they should not be mentioned on the Wiki, even as Trivia tidbits. The same goes for real-world weapons, ships, countries, and anything else not directly portrayed in VTOL VR.

Additionally, this extends to the addition of external resources that are not officially licensed by VTOL VR, such as fan-made gameplay guides or unrelated online tools. The exceptions to this rule are the content present in Tips & Tricks and any articles under the VTOL VR Meta Category.

3. Do not make your account name, profile picture, or bio anything excessively derogatory or otherwise controversial. [C2]

This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) gore, pornography, and/or abrasive political themes.

4. Ensure that your writing is neutral and does not focus too heavily on personal opinion. [C3]

Personal opinion includes objective gameplay statements, conjectured* information, or unprovable personal statements. If it isn't a fact, then it doesn't belong on the Wiki.

*The term "conjectured" signifies arbitrary guesswork or information otherwise lacking a basis in proven fact.

Section C: Blocking Policy

In the event that a specific user racks up a significant amount of infractions in a short time period, they may be subject to Blocking, in which they will be unable to edit around the Wiki either temporarily or permanently. Each policy has a certain Class, which denotes its priority in enforcement. The Classes of each policy are as follows:

  • Class 1 [C1] - These rules are most strictly-enforced, as they pertain to rules that are indisputable and always broken intentionally. The moderators and administrators of the VTOL VR Wiki reserve the right to immediately and permanently block any users who violate Class 1 rules without prior warning.
  • Class 2 [C2] - These rules are slightly more lenient than Class 1 rules; the user breaking a Class 2 rule will receive a warning and a temporary block (typically lasting 3-7 days) for the first infraction, and an immediate permanent block for the second.
  • Class 3 [C3] - This Class is for more complex rules where context is important in discerning what actions to take. The blocking conditions for Class 3 rules will vary based on what could be considered appropriate for resolving such disputes.

Any questions regarding the policies on the VTOL VR Wiki may be asked within this article's Talk page or in the Discussions area.